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life-flex® celebrates creation of residential environments that permit owners, renters and guests to "live well and prosper."

life-flex® Homes honor all ages and abilities.

life-flex® certification/designation provides the assurance a subject home incorporates builder-approved Universal Design elements.

life-flex® Home owners and residents can confidently Age In Place as their abilities and needs may change over time . And, they can comfortably welcome friends and family into their life-flex® Home.
Have you considered -
Reverse Mortgage funding for:
  • Adaptations
  • Remodeling your existing home
  • Purchasing another, or a new, home
  • Building products and appliances to enhance an environment to promote living well and healthfully
  • life-flex® certified new home builders, developers and remodelers
Build Responsible® Education & Training Component/Resource for/to:
  • Home Builders & Remodelers
  • Local & Regional Governments
  • Elder Law/Medical
  • Media & the General Public
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