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Prospective life-flex® Customers

Prospective life-flex® Customers are both new and existing home purchasers, as well as current owners that would like to stay in their homes - if our homes can be modified/improved to allow us to stay there - in the residences and neighborhoods we value most highly.

We are invested in our communities - where we have friends, neighbors and generations of special memories. Being able to stay in our homes is a major driver and value among Baby Boomers and older Americans.

In a recent AARP survey, nearly 90% of the membership responded that we definitely want to remain in our own/existing homes! We were saying yes to Aging In Place; and No to choosing Assisted, Independent or some other form of congregate or communal living.

The Added Value of life-flex® Homes

Consider the cost of selling your current home as well as the associated costs of relocating to another housing option. There are costs of sale, including real estate commissions and typical expenses such as title insurance and other fees (as well as your investment of time and energy in a new home search).

And, upon the buyer's inspection there may be additional expenses you may incur to sustain the sale. These costs of sale and relocation generally far exceed those to adapt/improve your current home.

That said, finding a new home that meets your wants and needs can be enjoyable! New home builders and remodelers alike subscribe to life-flex !

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